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  • Introduction of Weekly Food Waste Collection Service

    Rochdale Borough Council approved improvements to its waste collection service in a bid to increase recycling rates and save up to £1 million a year. The council’s cabinet has approved a proposal to roll out weekly food waste collections in a bid to provide an improved service and... More
    Closed 1 August 2015
  • Rochdale Town Hall Restoration & Revival

    Rochdale’s Town Hall is our greatest historic and cultural asset but it needs work to restore and adapt it so that it can be preserved for future generations. We also want to make even more use of this stunning building, so that more people can enjoy it in the future. That’s why we are... More
    Closed 31 July 2015
  • Proposed Solar Farm at Chamber House Farm Consultation

    This consultation seeks views on the forthcoming planning application for a solar farm at Chamber House Farm Rochdale, OL10 1RL. The proposals would cover 11.7 hectares (28.9 acres) of land and will generate up to 5.0 MW of clean energy annually. This is sufficient to power the equivalent of... More
    Closed 27 July 2015
  • Extra Reception Places

    Rochdale Borough Council Proposal for Extra Reception Class Places within the Rochdale Borough. Notice is given that Rochdale Local Authority is considering providing extra reception class places across the Borough in order to ensure the availability of places meets the current and... More
    Closed 22 July 2015
  • Proposal for Additional SEN Places in Rochdale

    Rochdale Borough Council Enlargement of Special Schools in Rochdale Borough Notice is given in accordance with section 19(1) and 19(2) of the Education and Inspections Act 2006 that Rochdale Borough Council intends to make a prescribed alteration to: 1. Newlands Special School, Waverley... More
    Closed 10 July 2015
  • School Admission Arrangements for 2016/17 Entry

    Proposed changes to the admission criteria for Rochdale Borough Community and Voluntary Controlled Primary Schools Rochdale Council is consulting on a proposed change to the admission criterion to give priority to children eligible for the service premium. Background Subject to a new... More
    Closed 5 February 2015
  • Derby Street Nursery School Closure

    Update: At the Council’s Cabinet meeting held on 23rd March 2015, the statutory proposal was considered to close Derby Street Nursery School and the proposal has now been approved. The reasons for the decision are that: • There are currently no pupils on roll at the school.... More
    Closed 4 February 2015
  • Durn Development Brief November 2014

    This development brief provides a planning framework and options for the development of the Durn area of Littleborough. The purpose of the development brief is to set out the potential redevelopment of this site in a linked and coordinated manner so to deliver a high quality scheme which... More
    Closed 12 January 2015
  • Guidelines & Standards for Hot Food Takeaway Uses Supplementary Planning Document November 2014

    The purpose of the Guidelines & Standards for Hot Food Takeaway Uses Supplementary Planning Document (SPD) is to set out the council's guidance for new planning applications relating to hot food takeaways uses in the Borough. It will also ensure that new hot food takeaway development does... More
    Closed 24 December 2014
  • Guidelines & Standards for Residential Development Supplementary Planning Document November 2014

    The purpose of this guidance is to assist in the process of ensuring high quality residential development throughout the Borough. It provides detailed guidance on: Standard on new residential developments; Alterations and extensions to existing dwellings; Other... More
    Closed 24 December 2014
  • CS002 - Proposal to Reduce the Cost of Child and Adolescent Mental Health Services

    Outline of Proposal Local Authorities have a responsibility to provide services to children in need and those who are looked after, which may include mental health services; this can be delivered directly or in partnership with other agencies. In addition, the NHS/Clinical Commissioning Group... More
    Closed 29 October 2014
  • CS003 - Proposal to Reduce Children's Residential Care Costs

    Outline of Proposal It is proposed through improved service delivery and targeted support that a cost saving can be made in the costs of external placements and by reducing the number of looked after young people in the older age group. General Impact The impact of this proposal is to... More
    Closed 29 October 2014
  • CS015 - Proposal to Reduce the Budget for the Contact Service

    Outline of Proposal It is proposed through improved social work assessment and the implementation of the new contact guidance that the current demand on the contact service can be reduced and savings made through the reduction of contact officers employed within the service. General Impact... More
    Closed 29 October 2014
  • CS017 - Proposal to Share Children's Social Care Services With Bury and Oldham

    Outline of Proposal A proposal to achieve savings as a result of work with neighbouring authorities to share services with a target to deliver an indicative £230k reoccurring cashable savings in 2015/16 across children’s social care General Impact The proposal if achieved will... More
    Closed 29 October 2014
  • EE002 - Waste Services Review

    Outline of Proposal Changes to the way in which the Council manages its waste collection service and improve the Borough’s recycling performance. This will include; Reducing the size of waste bins provided for residual waste Roll out Food/Garden Waste collections to all... More
    Closed 29 October 2014
  • ALL001 - Proposal to Charge Schools for Non-Statutory Functions

    Outline of Proposal To offer to schools 2 services currently provided by the LA which are not a statutory responsibility, namely support on Outdoor Activities (impacts all schools) and Health and Safety Advice (impacts Voluntary Aided and Foundation schools). General Impact No impact on... More
    Closed 29 October 2014
  • CS001 - Review of Residential Short Breaks Provision for Children with Disabilities

    Outline of Proposal Bridgefold Lodge offers short breaks to children with disabilities and their families. However, demand for this service is reducing; thereby increasing the running costs. It is proposed to reduce the allocated budget and develop a short break offer that is responsive to... More
    Closed 29 October 2014
  • CS014 - Review of the Integrated Youth Justice Service

    Outline of Proposal It is proposed to have a single management structure within the Youth Offending Service that currently operates across Rochdale & Bury Borough boundaries on a co-located basis. General Impact This proposal is focussed on achieving service improvement in consistency... More
    Closed 29 October 2014
  • EE007 - Proposal to Review and Reduce Economic Affairs Operational Budgets

    Outline of Proposal The saving proposal is 50% of the Business Start Up budget, 44% of the Skills budget and 50% of the Business Growth budget within the Council’s Economic Affairs Team. General Impact The Council’s reduced capacity in this area could impact on reputation and... More
    Closed 29 October 2014
  • Notice of Review of Polling Districts and Polling Places

    The Review of Polling Districts and Polling Places (Parliamentary Elections) Regulations 2006 Electoral Registration and Administration Act 2013 The introduction of the 2006 regulations requires each local authority to carry out a review of Polling Districts and Polling Places on a regular... More
    Closed 1 August 2014
  • GM Alcohol Strategy: Consultation & Call For Evidence

    Partners in Greater Manchester are working together to develop and agree a shared Greater Manchester Alcohol Strategy. Developing a common strategy provides a real opportunity to develop a ‘single conversation’ on alcohol. All agencies leading the process – the Greater Manchester local... More
    Closed 7 March 2014
  • Rochdale Town Centre Market - Public Consultation

    The council has taken back control of Rochdale Market following the recent sale of the Rochdale exchange shopping centre. Had the council not taken this action it is likely that the market would have closed. This consultation seeks to find out from the public what sort of market we should... More
    Closed 16 February 2014
  • Admission Arrangements and Planned Admission

    Consultation on Admission Arrangements and Planned Admission Numbers for Community and Voluntary Controlled Schools in Rochdale Metropolitan Borough for September 2015 please find a copy of the consultation paper concerning a change to the Admission arrangements for Community and... More
    Closed 12 February 2014
  • Licensing Section - Introduction of a Private Hire Operator Award Scheme

    The Council would like to consult with you on the introduction of a new Private Hire Operator Award Scheme for licensed Operators. The Council’s key responsibility under the licensing legislation has always been, and more significantly after the lessons learned in relation to post Child... More
    Closed 26 January 2014
  • Licensing Section - Licensing Penalty Points Scheme for the Private Hire and Taxi Trade

    The Council would like to consult with you on the introduction of a new Licensing Penalty Points Scheme for the Private Hire and Taxi trade. The Council’s key responsibility under the licensing legislation has always been, and more significantly after the lessons learned post Child Sexual... More
    Closed 26 January 2014
  • Literature & Ideas Festival equalities questionnaire 2013

    The Council wants to ensure it offers services that meet the needs of its communities. To help achieve this we want to know more about the customers who attend our Literature & Ideas Festival or who visit its website. The following survey asks 15 questions about you and your opinion of the... More
    Closed 1 December 2013
  • Rochdale Borough's Strategy for Flood Risk Management October 2013

    Under the Flood and Water Management Act 2010, Rochdale Council became a Lead Local Flood Authority (LLFA) with responsibilities for a series of duties and powers relating to the management of flood risk in the borough. As part of its new duties, the Council is required to publish a flood... More
    Closed 29 November 2013
  • The Rochdale Children’s Services Survey

    Thank you for taking a few moments to complete this survey. These questions will help us understand how effective the council and its partners are at communicating issues to do with children and young people in the Rochdale borough. We will use these answers to make sure we communicate more... More
    Closed 28 November 2013
  • Integrated Healthy Lifestyles Service

    Healthy Lifestyle Services involve improving people’s health and wellbeing both for individual families and the community. These include services to help people stop smoking, eat more healthily, lose weight and get fitter. They also include support for sexual health, mental wellbeing and oral... More
    Closed 18 November 2013
  • Denehurst Park Improvements

    As part of the recent decision to establish a cemetery in part of Denehurst Park the council gave a commitment to invest and improve the remainder of the park in consultation with the local community. This initial period of informal consultation will run for 4 weeks commencing Saturday 5... More
    Closed 2 November 2013
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