Health and Care Priorities in Rochdale

Closed 7 Oct 2020

Opened 23 Sep 2020



The Heywood, Middleton and Rochdale Clinical Commissioning Group (HMR CCG) is your local NHS service who buy health services that specifically meet the needs of our local people.

Alongside Rochdale Borough Council, HMR CCG have made plans and priorities for Health and Care services to be delivered over the next 12 to 18 months to support our community, these plans are called Commissioning Intentions.

Having reviewed information and intelligence about how people access and use local services, HMR CCG and Rochdale Borough Council have identified a number of key priorities. We want to ask you what you think about these priorities and ask how you would like to talk to us about them in the future.

The following survey will inform you about and ask you to comment on the priority plans for:

  • Children’s health and care services
  • Adult’s health and care services
  • COVID-19 services

Our commitment to engagement

The information you share will allow HMR CCG and Rochdale Borough Council to start a conversation with you about what you feel is important about your local Health and Care services.

They will commit to telling you what happens with your  feedback and want to continue to include you in the development of these plans and priorities.  

Privacy Information

The anonymised findings from this survey will be shared with Healthwatch Rochdale, Action Together, HMR CCG, Public Health Rochdale and One Rochdale Health and Care. They will then combine this with other sources of information and adapt services to better suit the needs of the Rochdale borough Community.


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