Transforming Services – Rochdale Adult Care Prevention Services

Closed 14 Sep 2020

Opened 31 Aug 2020


We are proud of the adult care services we deliver across the borough that are delivered to vulnerable adults and young people. Our high-quality range of provision support hundreds of residents with a directly provided service, day in day out. To ensure our services continue to be provided to the highest possible standard, we are constantly looking to improve and enhance our offer to local residents.

Why We Are Consulting

Following a recent review we are seeking residents’ views on the future provision of our vital prevention and enforcement services. This is about improvements, not reductions, with the service needs of individual residents at the centre of our vision. Our approach will ensure future services are:-

  • Community focussed
  • Consistent
  • Fair
  • Delivered across all parts of the borough
  • Offering a personalised approach
  • Support residents to remain independent in their own homes

Our review seeks to enhance and expand the quality of our service to residents, ensuring prevention and self-help is at the heart of our delivery. A number of key services will be improved, enhanced and remodelled, in line with our review. We would be pleased to hear your views on how the following services can support our vision of prevention and self-help.

  • STARS (Short Term Assessment and Reablement Service)
  • Dementia Day Care Service 
  • Moving On Service
  • Recovery & Reablement.

This consultation is not about cuts, savings or reductions in service provision. It is ensuring that services are targeted, universal and developed to ensure specialist support is in place, across the borough, for some of our vulnerable residents. Other key proposals include:-

    • An emphasis on triage to ensure that people are able to access the appropriate interventions at the right time, to help them remain as independent for as long as possible.
    • The delivery of the in-house day care service will cease, with new access based community services. This will locality or alternatively to purchase through their own personal budgets individual support to meet eligible care and support needs.

Although our proposal means the delivery of the in-house day care service will end, an enhanced opportunity for people utilising these services will be ensure residents can

- access community based services within their locality

- purchase services through their own personal budgets

- receive individual support to meet eligible care and support needs.

The service improvement around two preventative pathways will include:-


We will be looking expand and enhance the popular STARS service to include

  • Reablement and Assessment
  • Supporting people with advanced dementia, learning disabilities and complex behavioural needs.

Recovery and Reablement

This proposal will incorporate the Moving On service, working across the borough to enhance the access and support available to residents. This will include:

  • Support in accessing housing, benefits, form filling and general information and advice.
  • A focus on short-term interventions
  • Support in accessing digital digital technology to maintain independence
  • Support with engaging with services
  • Support for people with complex or multiple support needs

This is an opportunity for you to review the proposals for the services and make comments / suggestions on how they can be improved to meet the needs of the Heywood, Middleton and Rochdale residents.



  • All Areas


  • Anyone from any background


  • Strategic Planning