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Whether you live, work or travel in Rochdale Borough, we encourage you to have your say. Here you can find and participate in consultations that we run. The council will take your views into consideration when we make important decisions.

You can also read what people said about past decisions and see how we used those views to change our services.

Open Consultations

  • Littleborough Masterplan Consultation

    Following earlier consultations, a fundamental review of the Masterplan and Supplementary Planning Document for Littleborough has now taken place and the proposals and principles updated. The purpose of the Masterplan and Supplementary Planning Document is to support existing... More

    Closes 7 December 2022

  • Please tell us your views about what our future priorities should be to help us develop our new Borough and Corporate Plan

    We are developing a local plan to help create a borough of which we can all be proud. It will set out our ambitions for improving our place and meeting the needs of the people who live here, work here and visit the town. We are also developing a plan about how the council will deliver... More

    Closes 31 December 2022

  • New Academy Schools in Rochdale

    Rochdale, along with other Greater Manchester boroughs has put together a long term plan for growth in its housing, its transport, and its business infrastructure. This plan is called the Places for Everyone strategy and it replaced the Greater Manchester Spatial Framework. A government... More

    Closes 1 January 2023

  • RBSAB Residents’ Survey

    Safeguarding adults with care and support needs in Rochdale The purpose of this short survey is to find out people’s knowledge and understanding of safeguarding adults with care and support needs and the people and organisations in Rochdale that can help to safeguarding... More

    Closes 28 February 2023

Closed Consultations

  • Health at Every Size: Shifting focus from weight to health

    The incidence of obesity in Rochdale is greater than in the North West and other parts of the UK, and is therefore an integral component of Rochdales Public Health agenda. We know that what we’ve done so far hasn’t had the desired impact, and that despite all the efforts, the incidence... More

    Closed 28 November 2022

  • Disabled Facilities Grant Consultation

    The Home Improvement Agency service provides a range of home adaptations for residents in the borough, such as walk-in showers, ramps and stairlifts. Over 350 residents and families benefit from home adaptations every year, helping to enhance their lives and maintain... More

    Closed 4 November 2022

  • Park and Play Space Survey

    As part of our Raising Rochdale agenda we are working to get the best out of the local area for our children. Part of this is to ensure that the local play areas are accessible and safe for all. We would love it if you could survey the play areas in our local parks that you visit. Your... More

    Closed 31 October 2022

  • Rochdale Town Hall - Organ Survey

    One of the most famous and iconic historic features of Rochdale Town Hall is the organ, which was installed in 1913. The was a gift of philanthropist Sir Samuel Turner on the occasion of the visit of King George V and Queen Mary, who were present for its opening recital. ... More

    Closed 14 October 2022

  • Redesigned website feedback survey

    What do you think? We’d love to get your feedback on our new look website. We continuing to improve and want to provide you with the best service possible. If you complete the survey and provide a valid email address you’ve the opportunity of entering a... More

    Closed 7 October 2022

We Asked, You Said, We Did

Here are some of the issues we have consulted on and their outcomes. See all outcomes

We asked

Why residents might not be using their brown food and garden waste bins after analysis by the Greater Manchester Combined Authority found that 20 per cent of general waste collected in our borough was food waste.

You said

The survey found that 96 per cent of Rochdale residents felt that they understood how food and garden waste bins should be used whilst 10 per cent of respondents admitted to throwing away their food waste into the general waste bin. A number of residents stated that they used a combination of both bins to dispose of unwanted food.

Most residents surveyed said that they throw away food that is inedible, such as potato peelings, tea bags and banana skins. However, 51 per cent also said that they disposed of food that was out of date, with around one to three plates of food thrown out per resident per week.

14 per cent of residents told us that they did not always recycle their food waste as they think it is unhygienic, dirty or smell.

We did

This information will now be used to inform communications campaigns to encourage residents who sometimes use the wrong bin to always dispose of their food waste correctly and to specifically target those who never use their brown bin.


We asked

Do you agree with the Neighbourhood Area?

You said


We did

The Neighbourhood Area is now a Designated Neighbourhood Area

We asked

Do you agree with the Neighbourhood Forum?

You said


We did

The Neighbourhood Forum is now a Designated Neighbourhood Forum