Charging for Waste and Recycling Bins

Closed 2 Feb 2020

Opened 6 Jan 2020


The council is considering introducing a charge of £20 per bin for all new or replacement waste and recycling bins. In 2018/19 15,785 requests for wheeled bins were made. The total annual cost to the council for purchasing replacement bins of £284,000.

The council needs to look at opportunities to reduce its costs in order to set a balanced budget. There is evidence that the current supply of free wheeled bins on request is being abused by a number of residents who request a bin and then fill it with waste and abandon the bin for collection. Charging for bins will help address this issue. A charge will encourage residents to take better care and ownership of their bins, and reduce the number of requests for replacements.

Currently across the Greater Manchester authorities all councils with the exception of Rochdale charge for new or replacement refuse bins with three of the ten councils charging for recycling bins too. Developers will still be expected to pay for bins at new properties. There will be a number of exemptions from the charges and the consultation is seeking your views on the charges and possible exemptions . The consultation is also seeking views on charging landlords to empty contaminated recycling bins left by tenants.


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