2024 Gating Order / Public Spaces Protection Order Consultation

Closed 15 Mar 2024

Opened 7 Feb 2024


Rochdale council has previously installed gates adjacent to your property/within your local vicinity to reduce crime and anti-social behaviour in your neighbourhood.

The gates which were initially installed under a gating order have now been replaced by a Public Spaces Protection Orders (PSPO), under the provisions of the Anti-Social Behaviour, Crime and Policing Act 2014. Under this legislation PSPO’s can only remain in place for a maximum of 3 years, unless extended by further order through this consultation. Please provide your input whether you would like the gates to remain. 

Under this order the Council maintains gates at the following locations:

  • 34-35 Conway Close / 23-25 Uplands, Alkrington, Middleton
  • 36-38 Parsons Drive, Middleton
  • 97-99 Mossway / 58-60 Moss Lane, Alkrington, Middleton
  • 14-15 Maple Close, Middleton
  • 2 - 36 Westminster St/ Brimrod School, Rochdale

The council is considering renewing the orders above for a further 3 years.  In order to help decide whether to proceed with the renewal of the Order the Council is seeking your views as to whether the reasons for the order remain valid. 


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