Spotland Bridge Conservation Area Consultation

Closed 31 May 2013

Opened 9 Apr 2013


Background information

Spotland Bridge Conservation Area was designated as a conservation area by Rochdale Township Committee on 26th July 2007. In doing so, the Council acknowledged the special architectural and historic interest of the area and its potential for preservation and enhancement. The current Conservation Area was designated using the Council's urgent designation procedure and the boundary was kept to a minimum. It was proposed that in due course a larger conservation area would be consulted upon.

A Conservation Area is an area of special historic or architectural interest. They have a key role in the regeneration of local areas through defining what is significant and valued about an area, identifying opportunities for enhancement and supporting external funding bids. This informs future development so positive changes can be achieved.

Consultation documents

The following documents have been produced (which can be downloaded below):

  1. Historic development maps showing how the area has grown and changed since the Georgian times (pre-1830). This helped to inform the proposals.
  2. An appraisal map that identifies the significance of buildings and their contribution to the conservation area/proposed conservation area.
  3. Options for the extension and areas where de-designation might be appropriate (based upon the above).
  4. A masterplan map which identified opportunities for enhancement should opportunities present themselves.


Public consultation

If you would like to comment on the documents, please  write to Mathilde Guerin at  or alternatively send a mail by post at Planning Services, Number One Riverside,  Rochdale OL16 1XU.

The proposals will be discussed at the Spotland and Falinge Area Forum, on Thursday 9th May 2013 at 7pm at Spotland Methodist Church. Council Officers will be available before the meeting to answer any questions.

The closing date for comments is 31st May 2013. Comments will be reported to the Township Committee where a final decision on the Spotland Bridge Conservation Area will be taken.


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