Maclure Road Conservation Area Appraisal and Management Plan

Closed 6 Jul 2023

Opened 25 May 2023


The Council has prepared a consultation draft of the revised Maclure Road Conservation Area Appraisal. The Conservation Area Appraisal has been produced to:

  • Ensure that the areas and buildings of significance within the Maclure Road Conservation Area are identified, alongside opportunities for restoration and enhancement.
  • Inform the development of a Management Plan which will provide opportunities to guide new development, including preserving the historic elements of the built fabric of area which contributes to the significance of the Maclure Road Conservation Area, together with identifying areas for enhancement and better management.
  • Ensure an enduring positive legacy of the Rochdale Heritage Action Zone (HAZ) programme.  The work is being funded as part of the HAZ programme, which is being delivered by the Rochdale Development Agency on behalf of Rochdale Borough Council, in association with Historic England.

The Maclure Road Conservation Area and its surroundings are undergoing significant changes, with a number of recent significant regeneration works having taken place and with more high profile developments in the pipeline.  The Rochdale Station Area Supplementary Planning Document was adopted by the Council in September 2021. 

Given the ongoing changes in the area, it is considered an appropriate time to create a Conservation Area Appraisal and Management Plan to facilitate consistent decision-making amongst all stakeholders operating within the Maclure Road Conservation Area.


  • Central Rochdale Ward


  • All People


  • Development Management