Heywood - Long Term Plan for Towns

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Closes 31 Aug 2024


1. Rank Heywood as a place to:

Marks out of 10

10 being the highest and 1 being the lowest

2. Please select what percentage of £20 Million should be spent on the following priorities:

Must add up to 100%

3. How would you rate Heywood as a place for the following:
4. What are your connections to Heywood (please tick all that apply):
5. Please state whether or not you agree with the following about Heywood:
6. Do you feel safe in Heywood Town Centre?
7. Do you feel safe in your neighbourhood?
8. How do you usually travel to the shops, school or work?
9. Do you face barriers getting to work, school or the shops?

If yes, what is the main reason:

10. Please indicate the frequency you go to Heywood Town Centre for the following:
11. Do you have a big idea? What one project do you think would make the most difference to local transport, safety & security or the town centre?
12. Would you prefer to see money spent on a small number of large projects or more small projects spread around the town?