Littleborough Masterplan Consultation

Closed 7 Dec 2022

Opened 8 Nov 2022


Following earlier consultations, a fundamental review of the Masterplan and Supplementary Planning Document for Littleborough has now taken place and the proposals and principles updated.

The purpose of the Masterplan and Supplementary Planning Document is to support existing businesses to grow by increasing footfall, improving the quality of place, create new ‘in-demand’ homes and enhanced space for commercial activities, and support the daytime and night time economy.

To respond to particular feedback concerns from the first round of consultation, this includes:

- No closures to the existing road network. Hare Hill Road will provide an improved streetscape design promoting pedestrian priority and a ‘Streets for All’ approach, whilst allowing the possibility for sporadic closure to accommodate occasional community events.

- Improved wayfinding to be included alongside the improvements to public realm and connectivity throughout the village to promote continued footfall to existing businesses.

- Opportunity for businesses on Victoria Street to be accommodated in new premises with continuity of trade only if, through further consultation, business owners support this approach.

Sustainable regeneration and development next to the train station is promoted, with direct access to local facilities reducing the need to travel by car. Brownfield land first approach supports the Zero Carbon policy and responds to the potential need to release further land from the greenbelt in the future. In terms of the capacity of local facilities there has been a local study undertaken which assesses the impact of the future demand for local facilities. New planning applications will be subject to planning obligations and S106 (Developer) commitments creating further investment in the area.

A paper copy of the document will be available to view in libraries. Comments can also be made via email,, or via post to Strategic Planning, Number One Riverside, Smith Street, Rochdale, OL16 1XU

We are running a number of events in the village centre as part of the consultation process which we encourage you to attend to discuss and ask questions on the updated document:

Urban Room Pop-Ups:

  • Tuesday 8th & 22nd November – Littleborough History Centre at the Train Station 12pm – 7pm
  • Friday 18th November – Littleborough History Centre at the Train Station 10am – 4pm
  • Saturday 26th November – Littleborough Town Centre 3pm – 6pm

A series of ‘Urban Roams’ are also being put on for residents and you can sign up to these in advance through visiting

  • Saturday 26th November – Nature Walk with Alison Cooper starting at Littleborough History Centre at the Train Station 10am – 12pm
  • Saturday 26th November – Urban Roam with Jonathan Schofield starting at Littleborough History Centre at the Train Station 12pm – 2pm

We want to hear you views again on the updated masterplan.


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