Falinge Fold Conservation Area

Closed 11 Feb 2013

Opened 30 Nov 2012


The attached summary Conservation Area Appraisal has been made available as part of the consultation process for the proposed designation of the Falinge Fold Conservation Area and accompanying Conservation Area Appraisal. A copy of the summary Conservation Area Appraisal is available for inspection at Rochdale Library as well as the Planning and Regulation Office in Telegraph House (Baillie Street, Rochdale OL16 1JH). Information will also be made available through RMBC’s Facebook and Twitter Pages.

A Conservation Area is an area of special historic or architectural interest. The aim is to encourage people to preserve and enhance the character and appearance of the area for current and future generations to enjoy. The Council also has an important role. When assessing planning applications it must ensure that new developments (including extensions to buildings) preserve or enhance the area's ‘character’ as defined in the Conservation Area Appraisal. 

In a Conservation Area special permission is needed to demolish buildings and remove or prune trees. Householder ‘permitted development rights’ (the ability to alter houses without the need for permission) are in some cases reduced.  More information on Conservation Areas can be found at: http://www.rochdale.gov.uk/planning_and_building_control/conservation_areas.aspx or by contacting a member of the Conservation & Design team.

If you would like to comment on the Conservation Area Appraisal, please submit your comments via the link below or write to us (Christina Sinclair, Floor 1, Telegraph House, Baillie Street, Rochdale OL16 1JH) or  send an email to christina.sinclair@rochdale.gov.uk

The closing date for comments is the 11th January 2013.  Your comments will be reported to the Township Committee where a final decision on the Conservation Area will be taken.

See below for the consultataion document.


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