Advocacy Consultation

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Closes 28 Sep 2023

We want your views about Rochdale’s Advocacy Service

Please answer as many questions as you can

1. Do you know what Advocacy is?
2. Do you know when to ask for an Advocate?
3. Have you or someone you know ever used the Advocacy service in Rochdale?
4. Do you think people know enough about Advocacy?
5. Do you know how to get Advocacy in your area?
6. Was the Advocacy Service easy to find?
7. Did you find the Advocate helpful?
8. Please tell us what was good about the advocacy service you received?
9. Please tell us what was not so good about the advocacy you received?
10. Did the advocate help you solve your problem in the time you wanted?
11. What do you think we could do to make advocacy better in the future?
12. How did you find out about the Advocacy service?