Rochdale Feel Good Festival 2019

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Closes 12 Sep 2019

About the Festival

1. How did you find out about Rochdale Feel Good Festival?
2. Including this year, how many times have you attended Rochdale Feel Good Festival?
3. Before this year, when did you last attend Rochdale Feel Good Festival?
4. Did you visit the festival with other people?

If Yes, please provide the number of people in each category below (this does not include yoursefl)

5. What did you think about the festival?
6. Have you visited the Family Zone as part of your visit?

If No, please continue to the next page, Question 10.

7. Did you participate in any activities at the festival (such as dance activity, crafts or the Family Zone)?
8. Please tell us 3 words which describe your experience of the Family Zone.
9. Is there anything about the Family Zone you would like to see be improved or changed in the future?
10. Would you like to see more family friendly activities at Rochdale Feel Good Festival in the future?