NH-2017-345 Review of Library Service Provision

Closed 9 Jan 2017

Opened 24 Nov 2016


Overview of proposal

Changes to library services in the borough.  Specifically,

  • Closure of the mobile library service
  • Reduction in the bookfund by 15%

Overall impact of proposed change

Customers of the borough’s 17 libraries will not be affected by this proposal except a small reduction in the amount of new books received. 

Customers of the mobile library, who have mobility difficulties, can access the library service via the doorstep library service for housebound people, or visit one of the borough’s 17 libraries instead.

Impact on affected service users

Customers will no longer have access to the mobile library.  However, customers with mobility difficulties will be supplied books through the doorstep library service.

15% fewer books will be purchased each year across all libraries. However each library will continue to receive many new books each year, some of this saving may also be achieved through more efficient procurement.


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