ASC-2021-22-005 - Changes to Adult Care Charging Policy

Closed 17 Feb 2021

Opened 4 Jan 2021


Overview of proposal

It is proposed that new charges are introduced as follows:

Administrative charges for full cost payers

The Charging Policy mandates that anyone with capital / assets worth more than £23,250 (excluding the value of the home for non- residential services) and/or sufficient income will pay for the full cost of their care and support.  These people are known as ‘full cost payers’. For service users on managed budgets this means that we arrange care and support, pay the providers and then recharge the full cost of those services to the service user.    The costs of this administration are not currently passed onto the service user.  It is proposed that a fee of £12 per week is introduced from April 2021.  A charge would not be levied to anyone who does not have mental capacity and therefore are unable to arrange their own care and does not have anyone to do this on their behalf.

Careline cancellation fee

Careline is the community alarm service provided by Adult Care.    A new one off charge for fitting of equipment is proposed of £50.

Supply and fit of key safes

There is an increasing demand for the supply and fit of keysafes. For example where the care provider needs regular access to the service users home.  This is currently sourced by the service user and can often delay the start of care. It is proposed that we offer the supply and fit of keysafes for a one off charge of £110

There are also proposed changes to existing charges:

The current charge for short term care are age dependent and are set at 80% of ‘usual age related benefit levels’.  It is proposed to increase this to 85% from April 2021

Overall impact of proposed change

These additions and amendments to the Charging Policy will result in more income being raised to contribute towards the cost of services

Impact on affected Service Users

‘Full cost payers’ and people using short term care will pay more towards their care and support.

Service users will have the option to purchase a key safe from RBC at the cost of purchase and fitting.

New Careline customers will be charged a new fee for installation of the equipment when they start the service

Savings Total

It is anticipated that this will raise income of £80k per annum



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