BP1 - Critical Services Blueprint

Closed 19 Dec 2011

Opened 21 Sep 2011

Results updated 16 Feb 2012

Thank you very much for all comments submitted to the savings proposals consultation. The staff and public consultation process have now concluded.  

Elected members have considered the final reports on the savings proposals including the staff and public views gathered during the consultation period. You can find what decisions have been made by looking at the specific proposals here:



We have developed a new vision and direction for the council. It takes account of what you told us were your priorities for public services, the savings we need to make over the next three years as a result of cuts in Government funding, and the comments you made in response to the consultation “£64 million question – how do we maintain important services whilst saving £64 million?”, which took place in July-August 2011.

The document is available below in the related documents section. It is split into the three themes for the future Council, plus a section on corporate and support services. The three themes are:

  • Promoting success and independence – this is about putting measures in place to help our citizens become more independent and achieve their full potential. We want the borough to be successful and prosperous, making it a good place to live, work, visit and run businesses in.
  • Quality of place – this is about maintaining the quality of place, which is essential to building a successful borough. We want to maintain and protect our assets, and ensure new development which improves quality of place continues to happen.
  • Critical services – this is about protecting and supporting the most vulnerable people in the borough. We want to improve health and wellbeing, protect our vulnerable adults and children and enable those children most in need to thrive.


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