Rochdale Climate Change Engagement Platform

#ClimateChangeRochdale is our campaign to get you talking about protecting the planet for our people and places. We would like to hear your views about the climate emergency and your ideas and suggestions for addressing the crisis that we are facing.

Find out more about Climate Change and Sustainability on the council’s website or contact us by emailing

Why your views matter

Through engagement and consultation with our communities we can better understand the impact of climate change and take steps to make our borough greener, healthier and more sustainable now and in the future.

Help us create a world we're proud to leave behind!

Follow the survey links below to find opportunities to share your views about climate change and your ideas for climate action. Your feedback is really important to us and will help to shape our climate change strategy and inform our action plan.

Two members of the #ClimateChangeRochdale team smile at at event alongside a wheel that can be spun to choose from suggested climate actions we can all take

Join in the conversation

Residents Survey

We would like to hear about what you're doing to address the climate emergency. What changes have you made already to live a more sustainable life? The information you provide will help shape how we share information about how to take action.

The Climate Emergency

In July 2019, Rochdale Borough Council declared a Climate Emergency. This means we believe climate change will impact the lives of everybody who lives and works in the borough of Rochdale unless we take action. Climate Change is caused by human activity. Our planet is heating up which can lead to extreme weather events and negative impacts on the natural environment around us. Find out more about the climate emergency by visiting the Council's website . ...

Carbon Footprint

We want to understand how people's lifestyles and activities are impacting the environment. Calculate your carbon footprint and tell us about it here. The information you provide will help shape our programme of climate education.

Climate Change Priorities

Between 20 November and 24 December 2021, Rochdale Council played host to Gaia, a giant replica of planet Earth. Gaia's residency in the town centre was part of Rochdale's commitment to raising awareness about the seriousness of climate change and its implications for the future. Visitors were asked to share their views on the borough's climate change priorities. 3,895 visitors have already told us what they think should be the top priority and we are continuing the...

Climate Change Business Survey

We would like to hear from businesses about how you are responding to the climate emergency. The information you provide in this survey will help us to support businesses be more sustainable. At the end of the survey there will be a list of resources to help your business including: sustainability and where to start, how to save money, funding opportunities and events. Thank you for taking the time to fill this out – it will take approximately 20 minutes. ...

How we use your data

Rochdale Borough Council has committed to taking a leadership role in ensuring that the borough is carbon neutral by 2038. This includes putting in place a process of engagement and collaborative action to draw on expertise, capacity and capability from a range of stakeholders to help achieve this target. The data collected from this site will be used to inform our boroughwide strategy and action plan for addressing climate change.

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