Rochdale Township Green Infrastructure Action Plan June 2013

Closed 2 Aug 2013

Opened 21 Jun 2013


Green infrastructure is the natural outdoor environment around us and is part of the life support system of the community. It includes all the green spaces from gardens, playing fields, parks and street trees to the wider countryside surrounding the borough. It also includes open water features such as canals, streams and lakes. These spaces provide a number of essential benefits that support our quality of life, health and well-being by providing opportunities for sport and recreation, encouraging wildlife and biodiversity, reducing flood risk and helping Rochdale Township adapt to climate change.

The draft Rochdale Township Green Infrastructure Action Plan has been produced to help to ensure that our green infrastructure is appropriately protected, managed and enhanced with new areas created where appropriate. The Plan will also provide an evidence base for both highlighting opportunities within the Township where resources can be most effectively targeted and also for attracting funds and partnership working.


Why We Are Consulting

We have produced the draft Plan after consulting with a wide range of groups, individuals and interested parties within Rochdale Township and now we want your views on the document.

You can look at printed copies of the Plan in the following council libraries:  

  • Balderstone Library,
  • Belfield Library,
  • Castleton Library,
  • Norden Library,
  • Rochdale Central Library, and
  • Spotland Library,

We would like your views on the draft Plan by 2 August 2013.  It would be particularly helpful if you could consider the following questions when responding:

  • Are there any green infrastructure issues we have not addressed within the draft Action Plan?
  • Do you have any ideas for green infrastructure projects in Rochdale Township?
  • Is the draft Action Plan clear?

Email comments to:

Post comments to: Strategic Planning Services, Number One Riverside, Smith Street, Rochdale, OL16 1XU

Need help?  If you have any queries or problems in responding, please telephone us on 01706 924365.

Give us your views


What Happens Next

 After the consultation has finished, the comments received will be published within a schedule of proposed changes, which will be presented to Rochdale Township Committee in September 2013 along with the final draft Action Plan.

 A separate annually updated work programme will support delivery of the plan and will identify short term projects and those for development in the medium and long term and will enable progress to be monitored and reviewed by the Township as required.


  • Balderstone and Kirkholt Ward
  • Bamford Ward
  • Castleton Ward
  • Central Rochdale Ward
  • Healey Ward
  • Kingsway Ward
  • Milkstone and Deeplish Ward
  • Norden Ward
  • Spotland and Falinge Ward


  • All People


  • Strategic Planning