Rochdale Town Hall Restoration and Revival

Closed 30 Oct 2016

Opened 29 Sep 2016


Rochdale Town Hall is probably the most iconic building in our borough and is widely regarded as one of the finest town halls in the country.

But the town hall could be even better. That’s why we’re preparing a Heritage Lottery Fund bid to enable us to make improvements, so our residents and visitors can get more out of this stunning building.

These improvements include:

  • Opening up parts of the building which are currently closed to the public
  • Creating a new ‘lesser hall’ for smaller functions and community events in what was originally the library
  • Converting the old police cells and fire station into a bar/restaurant, run as a co-operative or social enterprise
  • Turning the basement into a fabulous new creative space for Rochdale’s music service
  • Restoring the Great Hall, including the impressive Magna Carta mural and ornate ceiling tiles
  • Improving and extending the zodiac bar and providing new toilets on all floors to better support events and activities
  • Improving accessibility to all parts of the building by adding extra lifts and opening up previously hidden spaces


We are really keen to hear your views on these proposals.

Your opinions will not only shape our ideas, they will also help us improve the chances of our bid being successful, as high public awareness is an important part of any application.

We will continue to look after this important building and it will always remain in public ownership, but without Heritage Lottery Fund support, we won’t be able to undertake the more ambitious plans we have outlined above.

Please help us by filling out this short survey.


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