New Academy Schools in Rochdale

Closed 1 Jan 2023

Opened 1 Nov 2022


Rochdale, along with other Greater Manchester boroughs has put together a long term plan for growth in its housing, its transport, and its business infrastructure. This plan is called the Places for Everyone strategy and it replaced the Greater Manchester Spatial Framework. A government decision on the Places for Everyone is due in 2023 and, if approved, would see an additional 10,000 new homes in the borough over 15 years. Along with these new homes the council needs to make sure there are both enough school places and that schools are provided for the new communities.

This consultation is asking whether you support the opening of new two new Primary schools in the areas of need; Hopwood Ward in South Heywood and Castleton Ward in South Rochdale.

Why your views matter

New Academy schools, called Free Schools, can only be opened through two routes. The first is through delivery by the Department for Education, which was done for the Edgar Wood Academy in Middleton. The second route is by “Presumption”. Presumption is where a local authority is required to build a new school to meet local need. Rochdale will undergo a large expansion of new housing through the South Heywood development in the Hopwood Ward, and through the Places for Everyone Plan, within the Castleton Ward of South Rochdale. Due to the proposed development,  new schools may be needed in order to meet the needs of the community.

As part of the process of determining whether to build new schools Rochdale Council is seeking views of its stakeholders about the two possible new schools. The potential two new schools will be mainstream Primary schools with pupil admissions numbers initially of 30 places, and capacity of 210 places. The two new schools will not be opened for at least 4 years, which includes time for planning, consultation and building, with possible opening dates after 2026. The Council has a duty to provide sufficient school places within reasonable travel to school distances.


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