Licensing Service: Street Trading Policy

Closed 8 Apr 2018

Opened 15 Jan 2018


We are reviewing our existing Street Trading Policy.

The policy is being reviewed to build on the Council’s existing street trading policy and to bring it up to date to ensure it provides a clear view of the Council’s expectations of applicants and consent/licence holders whilst promoting public health and maintaining public safety.

It provides guidance to support applicants through the preparation and application process and sets out what will be considered when determining applications. It also sets out the standard conditions that will be attached to street trading consents/licenses granted with consideration given to the potential impact(s) on local residents, businesses and customers.

The revised draft policy also includes restricting street traders in the vicinity of schools in the Borough of Rochdale. This is in line with the

Council’s commitment to reduce obesity and improve dental health and supports the Government’s position to provide nutritional and quality food in schools.

Consultation is open on the proposed revised draft policy.

Please send us your comments in writing regarding the proposed revised policy, no later than midnight on Sunday 8 April 2018.

Responses to the consultation should be sent by email to or by post to:

Rochdale Borough Council

Licensing Service

Floor 3, Number One Riverside,

Smith Street, Rochdale,

OL16 1XU


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