Integrated Healthy Lifestyles Service

Closed 18 Nov 2013

Opened 7 Oct 2013


Healthy Lifestyle Services involve improving people’s health and wellbeing both for individual families and the community. These include services to help people stop smoking, eat more healthily, lose weight and get fitter. They also include support for sexual health, mental wellbeing and oral hygiene.

Healthy Lifestyle Services are currently delivered in partnership with local health services, the local leisure trust and third sector providers. In recent years this has focused on separate treatment and care for people with individual conditions and problems, rather than looking at how they work together to promote a healthy lifestyle.

The aim of the new Healthy Lifestyles programme is to deliver an integrated service across the borough to support people to adopt and maintain a more healthy way of life. As part of the programme, a central point of access for services will be developed called the Healthy Lifestyle Hub, which will provide residents with information and access to Healthy Lifestyle services. Each Township will have its own services in an easily accessible location, providing a one-stop-shop for healthy lifestyles advice.

General Impact

The new Healthy Lifestyles Services model will deliver a more coordinated and joined up service, based in each Township and responding to local residents’ healthy lifestyle needs.

Impact on residents

This proposal is aimed at making it easier for all local people to understand and manage their own and their families’ health and access services that are available to them. In addition, a key priority is to address the pockets of poor health within some of our communities, to narrow the gap between the more affluent and socially deprived areas, and improve outcomes for groups that experience poorer health. Addressing the health needs of residents in protected groups is also a core element of this work. To see if you are part of a protected group, refer to Section 4 of the Equality Impact Assessment below.

As the proposal will affect service users, we have undertaken an Equality Impact Assessment to identify likely or actual effects on people with protected characteristics. The Equality Impact Assessment will be reviewed and updated as required, taking account of consultation feedback.

We welcome comments from anyone included within the protected groups listed in the Equality Impact Assessment and in particular, how the proposed model for an Integrated Healthy Lifestyle Service would affect you as a user of the services, stakeholder, or member of the public


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