Consultation on the George Street, Heywood Development Brief

Closed 4 Jan 2013

Opened 26 Nov 2012


George Street, Heywood Development Brief

The George Street Development Brief provides the background and context to the site and an assessment of how the site could be successfully regenerated in a coordinated and sustainable manner.  The George Street site is on the edge of Heywood Town Centre and comprises underused open space with some parts of the site having been the location of industrial uses in the past.

The development brief considers the opportunities for the wider regeneration of the area including options for the enhancement of public open spaces.  The proposals embrace other vacant land in the area and the current Cherwell Centre in order to take a comprehensive view of the long term development proposals for the area.  This is not an indication of any intent to close the centre but to consider future options for the long term future of the wider area.  The consultation process will secure views which will be considered by members next year.

The redevelopment proposals in the development brief comprise a mixed use scheme of residential, improved open space and sustainable business or commercial uses to the south of the site.  The brief also sets out the requirement for connectivity between uses and the importance of maximising the relationship between the George Street area and the adjacent Heywood Town Centre and Roch Valley.

The development brief sets out the possibility to achieve a carbon neutral business park on the site which has the ability to generate its own energy though on site renewable energy technology.  Development of this nature would be unique to the borough.

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