Broadfield Park Slopes Consultation

Closed 23 Sep 2022

Opened 29 Aug 2022


Broadfield Park Slopes create Rochdale town centre’s beautiful historic landscape setting for Rochdale Town Hall and St Chads, as well as being home to the Grade 2 listed fountain, Packer Spout. Many years of the town’s local history is located in this area, and also hidden underneath the ground.

Whilst excavating in the town hall car park to install new drainage the Contractor discovered old culverts that hadn’t been picked up on any surveys. The excavation works disturbed them and the water ended up free flowing and continually flooding the site. Works will soon begin to resolve risks of flooding and subsidence, after finding major issues with the Georgian drainage system running through the slopes and underneath the town hall. In addition, we want to use the opportunity to reconnect the town, restoring the historic view from the Town Hall Square to St Chad’s church, and from Broadfield Park to the town centre.

Previously, a consultation was launched to hear your opinions on Broadfield Park Slopes. We would now like to take this further by hearing what you would like to see going forward, and how we can transform this area into a safe and welcoming community space whilst maintaining environmental sustainability. For every tree we fell to carry out works, we will ensure two more are planted. 

Please see the document attached for a reference to the area, thank you!


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