SFL113 - Review School Improvement (Secondary)

Closed 12 Dec 2012

Opened 18 Sep 2012


Outline of Proposal

The School Improvement Team offers challenge and support to all schools in the Rochdale Borough in order to improve educational provision and raise standards for all learners.  The council has a statutory duty of intervention where there is serious underperformance. 

From 1 September 2012, all secondary schools will be members of The Pioneer Trust in partnership with the council.  The Pioneer Trust, rather than the council, will co-ordinate school improvement in its member schools.  Consequently, the School Improvement Team’s role in secondary schools will be reduced to keeping an overview of performance and intervention where there is concern.  As a result, fewer people with a secondary school background are required and the proposal is to delete three posts accordingly.

General Impact

With the establishment of the Pioneer Trust within Secondary schools the focus for school improvement will change. Schools will become self sufficient and independent in dealing with their school improvement and professional development. The councils School Improvement Team will focus on an overview, statutory functions and specific intervention work. There is no evidence of any negative impact on individual children.

Impact on Service Users   

The proposal reflects the government emphasis on increasing autonomy in schools. It enables schools to source their own support and school development solutions. 

The indicative saving for this proposal is £130,000.

As the proposal will affect service users, we have undertaken an Equality Impact Assessment to identify likely or actual effects on people with protected characteristics. The Equality Impact Assessment will be reviewed and updated as required, taking account of consultation feedback.

You can find the full proposal document and Equality Impact Assessment below in the related documents section.


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