NH-2021-22-007 - Review of Town Centre Enforcement Warden Service

Closed 17 Feb 2021

Opened 4 Jan 2021


Overview of proposal

The review will remove three Town Centre Enforcement Warden posts managed within the Community Safety Team.

Overall impact of proposed change

The impact of deleting the three Town Centre Enforcement Wardens posts would reduce the Council’s resources that deal with anti-social behaviours, particularly in Rochdale Town Centre.  It would also reduce the resources available for responding to the illegal encampment injunction across the borough.  These services would continue albeit at reduced capacity.

It will reduce community safety operational staff to enforce the Public Space Protection Order currently in force for Rochdale Town Centre and will reduce Council community safety resources.  These services will continue to operate via the Council.

Town Centre Enforcement Wardens provide a high profile presence in Rochdale’s Town Centre and other locations within the borough as required as part of the Community Safety Team within Neighbourhood Services. The Wardens work with key partners within the Rochdale Safer Communities Partnership, being responsible primarily for public realm enforcement and preventive safety campaigns whilst also contributing to the wider community safety priorities of the Council.

Impact on affected Service Users

The Town Centre Enforcement Wardens support community safety by patrolling areas, advising and assisting members of the public, businesses and partners with regards to environmental and anti-social behaviour matters, enforcing breaches and issuing fixed penalty notices when appropriate in relation to relevant offences.

The Town Centre Enforcement Wardens proactively engage with citizens including members of the public, voluntary organisation, businesses and business organisations to gather and share information, provide advice on crime prevention and community resilience to contribute to environmental improvement, community development and social cohesion. 

The Town Centre Wardens work with Partners and other services to combine enforcement with signposting to support for vulnerable individuals in the Town Centre of Rochdale.

£104k with on-costs. This would be split over 2021/22 and 2022/23 to account for consultation.

Savings Total£104K


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