Review of Community Restart and Renaissance Services

Closed 15 Aug 2019

Opened 1 Aug 2019


The council’s adult care service is looking to pioneer a new way of delivering services to help support vulnerable people across the borough of Rochdale. The aim of our new service delivery is to:-

-         Put people at the centre of decision making about their care services

-         include a wider range of people in the delivery of services

-         Ensure our residents are fully engaged and consulted on the new proposals

Our innovative approach will involve us working more in a complimentary way, linking up with care providers across the borough to ensure people are supported with a wide range of care packages.

The services we will be providing include people needing support with substance misuse, people experiencing situational abuse and historic sexual abuse and people who may need lower lever support around their mental health and wellbeing, such as anxiety or compulsive behaviours.

Additionally a new service will be developed for people who need crisis intervention, or to support with discharge from hospital via a 24 hour support bed based offer.

The reason for our consultation is currently these services are provided by a number of teams throughout the borough, including:-

-         The community restart team, who provides a small Care Quality Commission registered residential unit and support arrangements for people with lower level mental health needs. 

-         The renaissance service provides episodic support to people with mental health and substance misuse issues.

-         The child sexual abuse team supports people that have experienced historic sexual abuse.

Our key proposal is that these teams are amalgamated to provide one pioneering service delivery model/team, which will delivery care, support, help and advice as the newly titled “recovery and reablement service".

Our new approach will ensure a more tailored approach to care delivery, focussed on the individual needs of residents, rather than the current one size fits all approach.

We would be grateful for your thoughts in the short consultation.


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