PH103 - Review of Funding for Community Health Improvement

Closed 8 Jan 2016

Opened 24 Nov 2015


Outline of Proposal

The public health grant funds services to provide support to promote and enable healthy lifestyles and support people to make behaviour changes to improve health and wellbeing.

This proposal reduces the budget for some services and proposes to end a small number of existing projects.

General Impact

The proposal is likely to impact on some elements of service provision within the main integrated health improvement service.

The access for probation clients will be affected and clients will have the option of the main service but not the in house service.

There are budget reductions proposed within the council public protection service including the ending of the healthy choices/chip shop scheme. There are minimal impacts on current staff but some projects will end or be reduced.

Impact on Service Users

The access to some services will be affected by the reductions. The proposal requests views on the impact of a reduction in the integrated service.

Probation service clients will need to access support from the central service and not from an in house project which would end.

Further work to improve health through changes within takeaways impacts on local businesses and users of these services.

Savings Total:  £627,000 on-going saving in 2016/17 and a £600,000 on-going saving in 2017/18


You can find the full proposal document, which includes the Equality Impact Assessment, below in the related documents section.


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