Proposed closure of South Street Nursery School, Rochdale and proposed change in age range of Heybrook CP School, Rochdale to set up replacement nursery places

Closed 18 Dec 2015

Opened 6 Nov 2015


The Local Authority is considering the need to close South Street Nursery School with effect from 31st August 2016, and to set up replacement nursery places at Heybrook CP School with effect from 1st September 2016. The Local Authority wants to hear your views before it takes the decision to publish legal proposals.

What is being proposed?

The proposal is to:

• Permanently close South Street Nursery School from 31st August 2016; and

• Set up new nursery places at Heybrook CP School by changing the age range to 2-11 years from 1st September 2016. These places could either be on the site of Heybrook CP School or by keeping the current South Street Nursery School building.

 Why does the Local Authority want to do this?

The reason for considering the proposal to close South Street Nursery School is because of the long term financial viability of the Nursery School. The Local Authority believes that the provision of nursery places at Heybrook CP School would provide a more cost effective option without losing available places. The Local Authority also recognises that many children attending South Street Nursery School have siblings at Heybrook Primary School and this proposal would help many parents.

What would happen and when?

The proposal for South Street Nursery is to close from 31st August 2016. To enable the new nursery provision to be set up at Heybrook CP School, a feasibility study will be undertaken to show how the places can be provided either on the Heybrook site or the South Street site. The proposal for the new nursery provision is with effect from 1st September 2016.

How is my child affected?

Older nursery children at South Street Nursery School, who will be moving to Reception classes next September, are not affected. Younger children at South Street Nursery School will be offered places at the new provision at Heybrook CP School for September 2016.

Who takes the decision?

After the close of the consultation, Rochdale Council’s Cabinet will consider all responses received. It will decide whether to publish statutory proposals to close South Street Nursery School and set up replacement provision at Heybrook CP School. If Cabinet decides to publish proposals, at the end of a further 4 week statutory representation period it will then make the final decision in accordance with Statutory Guidance and Regulations.

How can I make my views known?

You can make your views known by completing the online consultation below or by writing to the Local Authority by letter or e-mail at the address below.

Comments should be sent to, or in writing to Robert Aspinall, School Organisation & Development Team, Rochdale Borough Council, Schools Service, Number One Riverside, Smith Street, Rochdale, OL16 1XU.

*Consultation Extended*

The consultation period on the above proposals has been extended to 5pm Friday 18th December 2015. This follows consideration of points made by the Governing Body of South Street Nursery School, and consideration of the question and comments from Rochdale Township Committee on Thursday evening (26th November).

This extension will give South Street Nursery School, with the ad hoc group, the opportunity to submit  alternative realistic and viable proposals for consideration by 18th December. During January officers will meet the school (with the ad hoc group)  to review such proposals with a view to a final submission from the school ready for Cabinet.

Cabinet on 14th March will be asked to consider  the current proposals together with alternative proposals from South Street NS and decide how to proceed.  

The extension of the consultation period would be likely to put back an implementation date of any proposals to 31st December 2016, rather than August 2016.

The closing date for comments is 5pm on 18th December 2015 


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