NH-2019-20-013 Review of Voluntary Sector Grant to Homelessness Prevention Services

Closed 10 Sep 2018

Opened 27 Jul 2018


 Overview of proposal

The council has a statutory duty to assist households that are at risk of becoming homeless and is committed to preventing homelessness and reducing rough sleeping in the borough. This council is supported by voluntary sector partners that provide crisis support and interventions to households at risk of homelessness. The council part funds these services through voluntary sector grants that are administered by the Strategic Housing Services. The council is proposing to reduce the total grant funding by £4000. This saving will be achieved by reducing the annual grant paid to Brentwood at Middleton Day Centre and Petrus Community Hub in Rochdale.

Overall impact of proposed change

It is likely that any reduction of grant funding will undermine the ability of both services to provide the current level of service and may put at risk the longer term future of each of the agencies.

Impact on affected Service Users

Although homelessness affects a broadening demographic across the borough, the majority of households at risk are disproportionately represented by poorer and vulnerable households. It is likely that any reduction in the services that are available in the community will impact adversely on vulnerable households that are at risk of homelessness or sleeping rough.

Savings Total:  £4,000.00

You can find the full proposal document, which includes the Equality Impact Assessment, below in the related documents section.


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