Health Improvement and Wellbeing Survey

Closed 1 Aug 2016

Opened 27 Jun 2016


Rochdale Council knows how important it is to support individuals and families to have good health and wellbeing. Since taking over public health responsibilities in 2013 we have worked to make our services easier to access and use. We now wish to get some additional views from residents to help us plan our services for 2017/18.

We already know that the main things that people can do to prevent ill health are:

  • Not smoke
  • Be more active
  • Drinking alcohol safely
  • Eat healthily and be a healthy weight
  • Prevent or reduce high blood pressure
  • Be mentally well


The council currently funds a range of services which help individuals, families, and the community with information, education and a range of support to help live a healthy life. The services we fund complement those offered by others such as GPs, Pharmacists and many other community and voluntary sector organisations. We also provide information, education and training to help others to carry out this work within local communities and for themselves.

We need to recommission some of our services this year and we also need to save money due to cuts to the Council’s Public Health grant. We will be discussing and checking plans with a range of organisations but we also want to check out a few things with residents.

Please answer the consultation questions below, your contribution and support is much appreciated.


  • All Areas


  • Anyone from any background


  • Service Planning