Local Council Tax Support Scheme - Proposals for 2017/18

Closed 23 Sep 2016

Opened 21 Jul 2016


What is the Local Council Tax Support Scheme?​ ​​​

Since 1 April 2013 all councils have had a local scheme to provide council tax support for those households who meet the criteria for a reduction in their council tax bill. In Rochdale this is called the Local Council Tax Support Scheme.

The scheme seeks to be as fair as possible and aims to protect our most vulnerable residents.

The current scheme provides a reduction in your council tax bill if you meet the entitlement criteria. We provide extra support to people with caring responsibilities, ill health or a disability. The maximum support for a working age claimant is 80% of the council tax for a Band A property even if you live in a property with a higher band.

Why We Are Consulting

Each year the Council must review how the scheme is operating. We are seeking your views on proposals to amend the Scheme for working age claimants from 1 April 2017.

  • We want to make sure that the scheme is fair for everyone
  • We need to ask if any ideas affect you.
  • Your comments will help us decide what to do in the future.


Proposed change

The proposal is to increase the amount of support to 85% of the council tax for a Band A property. For those claimants on the maximum award this could reduce the council tax bill by £40 per year, reducing bills on average from £315 to £275 per year.​

Who is affected?

The proposal would only affect working age claimants. Current and future council tax support claimants of pension credit age are protected and will continue to receive financial support based on the previous government's national Council Tax Benefit Scheme criteria. 

Take part in the survey

We would like your views on the proposal. Have your say by completing the survey. Thank you.


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