Consultation on priorities for the Borough of Rochdale for 2016-19

Closed 11 Dec 2015

Opened 14 Oct 2015


In 2011 public organisations in the borough of Rochdale agreed a 10-year vision that set out our shared priorities and ambitions up to the year 2021.

The shared vision said that we wanted to create a prosperous borough that grows and develops, and improves the lives of local people through co-operation and partnership.

Rochdale Borough Council then developed its own vision that said we would build success and prosperity with our citizens and partners, while protecting vulnerable people.

Three priorities underpin the visions: People, Prosperity and Place

The Council uses a number of measures to monitor how successful we have been in achieving our aims. You can see these on our website (

Now we want to focus on what happens between 2016 and 2019 so we want to ask local people and businesses where our focus should be.

The responses we get will be considered alongside a range of other information about the Borough when the Council decides what the priorities should be for the next 3-years.



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