ASC304 - Changes to the funding arrangements for the provision of Mental Health Advisory Services

Closed 12 Dec 2012

Opened 18 Sep 2012


Outline of Proposal

Adult Care has historically funded a specialised Mental Health Advice Worker post in the councils Advice Service. The service is currently being remodelled. Rather than have one post to provide specific advice it is proposed that all advisors are trained to help meet the needs of people with mental health issues.

General Impact

We expect the proposal to have an impact on the level and breadth of advice provided. This impact will be kept to a minimum whilst ensuring that services are targeted at those who are most in need.

Impact on Service Users    

We expect the proposal to have some impact on service users although the remodeled service will be targeted to ensure the continuation of current levels of service for those people who are most in need.

The indicative saving for this proposal is £30,000

As the proposal will affect service users, we have undertaken an Equality Impact Assessment to identify likely or actual effects on people with protected characteristics. The Equality Impact Assessment will be reviewed and updated as required, taking account of consultation feedback.


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