Recycling your food waste

Closed 16 Jul 2019

Opened 18 Jun 2019


At least 25% of household waste collected across the borough is unused or leftover food. Since 2015, the majority of Rochdale residents have been able to recycle their food waste weekly by presenting their brown bin or street caddy for collection.

Food waste is heavy and costs 50% more to collect in your dark green general waste bin than it does to recycle in your brown bin. It’s also better for the environment to recycle your food and garden waste as it is turned into compost right here in Greater Manchester.

Recent analysis states that around 20% of rubbish collected in Rochdale’s dark green bins is food waste. On top of this, only 40% of households in the borough present their brown food and garden waste bins for collection.

We’d like to know what’s stopping residents from recycling their food waste so that we can further improve the service. Please help us by completing this short survey and giving us your views.


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