NH-2019-20-020 - Proposed introduction of fees for Residents Parking Permits

Closed 10 Sep 2018

Opened 27 Jul 2018


Overview of proposal

To introduce a fee for residents parking permits. As part of the current Resident Parking Policy each property is eligible to apply for 1 resident permit and 1 visitor permit, businesses within the zone are eligible to apply for 2 business permits, which are currently free of charge.

This means that the Highways Service potentially have to process up to 2,170 permits over the full renewal period, the cost of undertaking this is currently paid for using the Council’s revenue budget.

Overall impact of proposed change

It has been requested to consider an option for the following;

  • 1st permit (residents) to be issued free of charge
  • Each household could then apply for up to a further 3 permits which would be chargeable, giving each household the option to a maximum of 4 permits (The number of additional permits would have to be dependent on the location).
  • Townships would still have to fund the consultation and Traffic Regulation Order process.

Impact on affected Service Users

Introduction of this charge would allow Highways to recover costs for administering the residents parking scheme. There is no legal right to park on the highway and residents parking schemes should be viewed as a privilege as it reserves the street space to residents.

If Townships wanted to alter any of the existing schemes they would have to fund an amendment to the Traffic Regulation Order for the particular scheme.

Savings Total:  Up to £22,000 on-going saving in 2019/20 and 2020/21

You can find the full proposal document, which includes the Equality Impact Assessment, below in the related documents section.


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