CS-2020-21-003 - Proposal to relocate Milnrow Youth Centre

Closed 13 Dec 2019

Opened 30 Oct 2019


Overview of proposal

During 2020/21 we expect to save £14.4 million from council budgets which incorporates Heywood, Middleton and Rochdale Clinical Commissioning Group (HMRCCG). The relocation of Milnrow Youth Centre is part of the Savings proposals.

Overall impact of proposed change

The relocation of Milnrow Youth Centre will mean that the service will be delivered via detached and outreach youth work.  In addition to this the youth workers would explore the use of other community based buildings across the township.

Impact on affected Service Users

Youth work in the Milnrow area will continue to be delivered either via outreach and detached work or from another community building, therefore there will be little impact on service users.

Savings Total:  £3,000

You can find the full proposal document, which includes the Equality Impact Assessment, below in the related documents section.


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